• Metalworking and Technology Exhibition
    17-18-19 September 2020 (Thu-Fri-Sat) 9am – 6pm
  • Brescia is the leading, super specialized industrial province in Europe
  • An opportunity for relationship between qualified and specialized operators.
  • The involvement of foreign operators interested in purchasing products and in productive partnerships and business deals.
  • An elegant and exclusive hospitality area reserved to exhibitors and their top customers with local wine and food tasting.

 2020 NEWS

The Factory at the Exhibition changes and draws its attention to the “Predictive Maintenance”, that is a concrete instrument to increase production, do not waste resources, improve the management and predict wastes and failures, reduce maintenance and intervention costs, verify and improve the working production cycle, increase the installations and operators safety, increase your margins.

Technical conferences with successful case histories will be held at the conferences area od Centro Fiera, while in the exhibition area it will be possible to move from theory to practice and "touch with your hand"various predictive maintenance achievements, concrete solutions developed by the experience of companies supplying products and services to companies in the production chain and participate in workshops.




BIE 2020 is going yellow with new FANUC area: a digital space dedicated to the virtual presentation of all its products and, above all, there will be its “after-sales services”.

You can discover the new FANUC products directly from the live showroom, seeing all the operating machines in specific sectors. But FANUC is not just a machine: it is also services, as the many offered after-sales. They will be presented during the Exhibition through the technicians present at the stand.



 4.0 AREA

BIE introduces “4.0 Area”: an area dedicated to firms that offer functional services – formation/ consulting/software house– that companies can use to improve their own business and their competitiveness, enjoying facilitating measures provided for Balance Law.



BIE realised 3 editions of the Factory at the exhibition, which represented an essential appointment for the mechanical engineering, metalworking and automation, with the installation of operating systems inside the exhibition space. Its aim is not only to talk about the Factory, but to experience it and see its production processes in detail


3° ed. - 2019: 4 installations in automotive, railway and weapons field
2° ed. - 2018: Aluminum -> Automotive component 
1° ed. - 2017: Brass -> Ball valve 

Foreign Buyers Incoming Program


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 BIE 2018 - VIDEO

 BIE 2017 - VIDEO

 The Exhibition in Brief 


    BIE differentiates itself from the traditional concept of expository fair. Indeed it is characterized by a meeting relational moment between professionals, highly specialized and qualified sectors.


    Brescia is the third super-specialized area of Europe in industry sector with an industrial value of 10 bilions euros, according to the Studio Fondazione Edison / Confindustria; it is also the area with the biggest concentration of specialized firms in metals working, with important excellences at international level. So, we thought to use this manifestation to underline the production capacity of the area in this sector and that and set it a reference point for companies interested in having a showcase in this important scenario.


    The medium/long term mission of the manifestation is to become an international recall for foreign buyers, dedicated to the biggest industrial sectors, expanding its own range to new expository sections, giving the right importance to the territory and the centrality that deserves internationally in the industrial sector.


  • Machines tools
  • Tools
  • Automation and industrial robots
  • Machine and equipment for forging
  • Machine and equipment for casting and die casting
  • Machines and equipment for treatments and finishes
  • Materials

  • Metrology
  • Presses
  • CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM systems
  • Mechanical processing
  • Treatments and finishing
  • Assembly and mounting
  • Prototyping
  • Services for the companies
  • Automotive
  • Area 4.0 services

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