4.0 AREA

Over the years, BIE has progressively reinforced its vocation for 4.0 with the aim to inform entrepreneurs about 4.0 and explain them all the real advantages.

In 2020, their will to shed light and clarify what can guarantee the 4.0 to companies has emerged again, even if the focus has been moved from the current communication to the real advantages: it is not just taking advantage of the Hyper Depreciation in buying machineries, which are difficult to integrate into production without taking advantage of their potentialities; it is not a simple reading and data acquisition; it is not just make machines work in their own network, matter that we have been putting into practice in our companies since several years.

4.0 looks to the possibility to certify works and environments in order to: not consume resources, increase the security and its own fringes, improve the management and prevention of wastefulness, verify the making production cycle and making predictive maintenance. Moreover, with an eye towards predictive maintenance, at BIE we are going to organise the 4.0 area, which is a very interesting topic according to the same entrepreneurs who already are within the enabling technologies of 4.0.  

So, the fair has increased the initiatives dedicated to 4.0:


There are firms that offer functional services such as formation, consulting, software house which can be used by societies to improve their business and increase competitiveness.


The Factory at Exhibition installations will be digitalized according to the model 4.0 with IoT sensors

You can see all the details about the 4.0 initiatives right below.

BIE, fair of manufacturing, is fully involved in the digital challenge of 4.0 INDUSTRY. Innovation is taking the industrial sector to an inevitable process of transformation, known as fourth Industrial Revolution that influences small, medium-sized and big businesses, both on production system and industrial production.

4.0 Industry does not mean just “Material Goods”, that is machineries, equipment, systems and automated productive processes. But also “Functioning Services” useful to increase competitiveness. 

In the 4.0 industry plan, the reinforcement of facilitating measures for companies has been one of the topic on which also the interventions established by the Budget Law of 2019 have focused: tax credit for 4.0 formation, extension of hyper-depreciation and super-amortization and interconnection to IT systems and loans of Nuova Sabatini (fiscal law of Italian government).

The digitalization of processes and adaptation to the industry 4.0 plan, provides for organization of remarkable complexities, so they are fundamental for the strategies to involve strategic partners in order to obtain functional services by qualified who simplify their adoption. .

For those businesses that want to undertake the 4.0 way, to know the more adequate instruments, the necessary  “Material Goods” and “Intangible Goods” and qualify the staff are needed.

4.0 area has been created to guarantee “FUNCTIONAL SERVICES” to societies that supply:

  • Formation
  • Consulting
  • Software House

They are important to help and guide companies in 4.0 INDUSTRY way.

In 4.0 area will be present also the first supplier of:

Systems – Platforms – Applications – Equipment – Machines

The exhibitors that will participate to BIE fair and that will offer services or products which make part of 4.0 industry benefits will be identifiable by the brand “AREA 4.0 – BIE”.


Type of exhibitors:

Società, studi di consulenza, software house, associazioni o enti

Companies, consulting firm, software house, associations, institutions.

What they offer:

  • Consulting and formation to understand and adopt the 4.0 industry approach.
  • Financial opportunity and financial instruments;
  • Support and assistance to obtain the 4.0 industry incentives;
  • Fiscal support;
  • Appraisals and certification;
  • Support in the transition towards 4.0 industry;
  • Support in facing the digital transformation;
  • Competence, organization and formation of work;
  • Formation courses;
  • Inner operative processes and of changing;
  • Supply chain;
  • Qualifying technologies;
  • Digital technologies (industrial internet of things, Cloud Manufacturing, Industrial Analytics, Advances Automation, Wearable & Human Machines Interface, 3D printing);
  • Specialized Businesses in System Integration, Cloud, Big Data, Virtualization, Data Analysis, Supply Chain;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Integration of machines to factory computer systems;
  • Intensified reality for industries;
  • Adaptation of machines and installations;
  • Supply companies of machines and equipment for 4.0 industry;
  • Integration of information from machine to machine or from a persona to a machine;
  • Management software and of optimization of production, communication between machines among different departments for manufacturing, handling costumer and supplier, marketing etc.
  • Machines supplier, equipment, instruments and services In the eye of 4.0 Industry.


Discover the commodities catalogue dedicated to this category.

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