Even in 2020, BIE is confirmed as a fair with a practical approach made in Brescia: thanks to the collaboration with three companies – Gatti Filtrazioni Lubrificanti, Ligarotti Motori Elettrici e Darkwave Thermo – and the “predictive maintenance” has born thanks to their expertise, where will be possible touch the application of different technologies and sensors to different machines and understand how to make an effective profit for your business.

Advantages for companies

The organizing and the 3 companies have been pushed into the creation of the Predictive Maintenance for 4 principal advantages:

  • EFFICIENCY: the PM increases the productivity and the margins, improves the management of processes and the cycle of production.
  • SAVING: avoids to disperse energy, resources, time and so money.
  • PREVENTION AND SECURITY: prevents wasting, failures and reduces the maintenance and intervention costs, increases the safety of installations and operators.
  • ENVIRONMENT: a major corporate efficiency and the absence of waste have a beneficial impact on the environment, bringing the company toward a green evolution.

These are themes that have a fundamental importance above all because of the current historic period. Indeed, companies need, now more than never, new and efficient solutions to ensure the right business marginality, competitiveness and stability.

How works the predictive maintenance area: from the theory to practice.

Visitors and exhibitors can access the area for free by registering at the fair. The area, which will be inaugurated the first day during the ribbon-cutting ceremony with authorities, will be always open during the exhibition. every day in the morning and in the afternoon, you can participate in two special sessions where the protagonists of the project will make an introduction to understand what is the predictive maintenance, how has been realized and what are the results that allows. Then, it is followed by a practical tour leaded in the stations realized by the companies where the applications can be touched and tested.


Thursday 17th September

10.30 am BIE 2020 inauguration, followed by the predictive maintenance area inauguration

14.00 – 15.30

Friday 18th September and Saturday 19th September:

10.30 – 14.30 

No chatter, data speak

Companies that will participate in the “Predictive Maintenance are:

With predictive manufacturing nothing is left to chance. What is more concrete than numbers and data to evaluate the effectiveness of your machinery and processes? For this reason data collected during the fair will be visible on screens that will highlight the findings in real time. Than companies will support the several PM stations with the results obtained by other companies by using the same technology. Case histories of success, real and concrete therefore, from which to draw for their business realities Gatti Filtrazioni Lubrificanti.

Path stations:

    With the PM is possible to increase your company performance through the analysis, programming and management of lubricants. It is possible to determine the specific conditions of the lubricating fluid, with a simple and constant sampling, making possible to know the state of health of the system and more generally to check up on the company’s productivity. No more unexpected stops, machine stops, extraordinary repairs, delays for malfunctions and related costs: hydraulic circuits can be managed promptly and oil management can be planned to prevent and avoid failures, interruptions and malfunctions. This means improving efficiency, functionality, productivity for your business and greater respect for the surrounding environment: proper management of lubricating fluids allows to extend the life of the oil by 4/5 times, drastically reducing the quantity purchased, disposed of and managed, obtaining an economic and environmental advantage.
  2. MOTION AMPLIFICATION™: seeing is believing
    This is a new incredible technique to “see” vibrations thanks to a high-speed camera able to make them perceptible and therefore measurable, with very high analysis frequencies. Seeing the movement is the best way to understand where there are any problems and how to solve them and the video is an extraordinary means in that, made up of millions of pixels, it returns millions of vibration sensors simultaneously.
  3. PRECISION LASER ALIGNMENT: who starts well is halfway through.
    Only when the alignment is precise is possible to aspire to the maximum operating life of mechanical components.
  4. THERMOGRAPHY: Let’s find out who has the fever
    Useful, fast and universal, thermography allows to not make the installations stops and the operators to do not intervene manually for major security. it can be used on many different applications and in all fields of industrial analysis: everything related to electricity, but also mechanical parts, condensate drains, photovoltaic, refractory, insulation, gas leaks and much more.
  5. VIBRATIONS CONTROL: we do not want upset machines.
    The right technique and the application of specific algorithms allows to measure failures and anomalies in a rapid and extremely reliable way, even in difficult situation of measurement, such as rolling bearings and low turn gears where the signs of damage are very weak and masked by the general vibration of the machinery. A precise relief allows to replace the component at the right time: neither too early, when we would waste the remaining life and so money, nor too late, when there is the danger of failure and this could compromise the production.
    Compressed air and technical gas are very expensive and every company wastes about 15-25% of it. Nevertheless, these leaks are less controlled because people thinks they are normal. The good news is that they are very easy to eliminate thanks to analyser and fast and efficient “airborne” ultrasound. They are extremely sensible and usable during the active productive line. These instruments guarantee and immediate saving: they individuate wastes, calculate how much is wasted thanks to a measurement in dB and allow to intervene. An expert technician can detect more than 100 significant losses in a single day.
  7. MOTOR TESTING MCA&ESA: electric motors in good health.
    Thanks to a portable instrumentation, this technique allows the analysis for the health of electric machines: motors, generators, transformers, inverters and drives. And precisely on motors and inverters it will be possible to see the application of this technique to BIE, so that a technician can no longer say “The engine has burnt out“, identifying in a few minutes the condition of the motor and the smallest anomalies when still they are silent. In this way, we avoid the production stop, the rush to repair and unexpected and huge costs. So, we can plan the maintenance and substitute components well in advance. This technique can be applied to new motors in order to control the product quality or on motors just repaired to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention, as well as to optimize and reduce energy consumption in general.

All these data will be collected, processed and projected on a monitor, visible to the public.

Predictive maintenance – BIE 2020 – Ligarotti Motori Elettrici

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