The Working Factory is an unique and indispensable appointment on the international scene: a complete line working production inside the exhibition space with real machines, which, starting from the raw material and through all the processing phases, automatically produces a finished and tested product.

1st edition (BIE 2017): Brass -> Ball valve

2nd edition (BIE 2018): Aluminum -> Automotive component


Discover the details about the previous editions. 



The second edition of The Factory at Exhibition is dedicated to aluminum die-casting.


16 companies - together with BIE - will realize a real "Brescia miracle".


In latest months, companies have defined the factory layout for the construction of an aluminum component of the automotive sector, comparing the entire process, acquiring skills that will allow each of them a broader vision to be applied within their own realities, raising the level of production and problem solving - characteristic only of the companies of this territory - as well as the ability to forecast and manage emergencies and anomalies in safety.


16 companies united by an unique attitude that is typical of this territory: "Everything you need, will be done", thanks to high flexibility, a greateffort of techinc, time and money. The factory is, in fact, a very complex project and the exceptional result of 4.0, intended both as a great ability of entrepreneurs and technicians to dialogue with each other to find the solution to integrate their skills - true engine of the project. A common language that will allow you to know the dynamics of processing aluminum, of interaction between the various processing moments, ensuring monitoring at every stage.



Discover more details about the first edition of The Factory at Exhibition.


Eleven firms, all leaders in their sectors, have teamed up to create "The Working Factory", a real production line with working machines. Starting from a brass rod, a finished component of the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector will be produced directly on site. Therefore, the visitors of BIE 2017 will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the complete production phase - including assembly and inspection - of a ball tap. The exhibited machines boast of the most innovative solutions on the market. Every machine is connected to a centralized system, which displays data about the whole production cycle.

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