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BIE differs from traditional exhibitions, standing out as an opportunity of relationship among qualified and specialized operators, encouraging the development of new business exchanges.

That’s why BIE has confirmed for the 2020 edition the BUSINESS LOUNGE, an elegant and exclusive hospitality area for the exhibitors and their top costumers to relax, have a chat and taste local wine, food excellences, to promote relationship marketing and B2B meetings during the days of the fair. In this way new business relationships among companies can be created during the event.


The access to the Business Lounge is allowed only through special PASS, distributed by the administrative Office of BIE to the Exhibitors some days before the beginning of the exhibition.

The service consists of four specific occasions:
9.30 – 11.00 Welcome Coffee
11.30-12.30 Aperitivo Light
14.30-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Aperitivo


21 Grammi is a restaurant opened in 2016 in Brescia managed by young people with down syndrome. It was opened by Centro Bresciano Down together with Big Bang cooperative and with the support of several institutional and private players.

Breakfasts, breaks, aperitivo, dinners, events business initiatives, caterings and a lot more are prepared and served by young people with down syndrome, supported by professionals – among them there is Alessandro Ferrera and the director Cristain Bonetti, to undertake a training course aimed at job placement also in other realities and sectors and to gain spaces of autonomy. People are not volunteers but they receive a salary. Moreover, they are guided and educated to responsibility and autonomy. Indeed, everyone lives alone for some days every month in order to learn how to organize their everyday life and be independent, both in home management of schedule and to get to work.

It is a unique responsibility and project, as the emotion that people feels within 21 Grammi, in addition to the emotion created by the great food. 21 Grammi will be present at BIE on 23-24-25 May during the 5th edition of the Fair.

Discover more about the project:

These were the exclusive tastings of the previous editions of BIE :

 Logo La Montina Partner  Tenute La Montina
 Brindisi Tasting Experience Wine Lover
  Company Profile  The Estate La Montina is located in the wonderful Franciacorta, a land that winds along Lombardy with its lakes, lush/green vineyards and microclimate which is ideal for the coming up and the growing of grapes of excellence and for the physical well-being. La Montina stretches for 12,000 sq.m. and consists in: the company active in viniculture “La Montina”, The Wine Shop “Montina”, Villa Baiana (a location ideal for marriages and receptions), Baiana Congress Center, the Contemporary Art Museum “Remo Bianco” and the non-profit association “dedicato A Te” (dedicated to you).

La Montina was founded on 28th April 1987 by three out of the seven Bozza Brothers: Vittorio, Gian Carlo e Alberto. The vineyards extend over an area of about 72 hectares, which are located in 7 municipalities in Franciacorta, allowing La Montina to boast of the production of 380,000 bottles per year. La Montina has always been an “open cellar”, it organizes every day guided tours for wine lovers. In 2015, it completes the organic transformation of its vineyards and produces the first official bottle of “Franciacorta” for the Italian football team Ac Milan.

 Grana_Padano_Logo_2015 Partner  Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano
  Tasting Experience Sale e pepe
 grana padano Company Profile The Grana Padano Protection Consortium was created through the passion for the land of birth of Grana Padano, the desire to preserve the heritage brought by experience and expertise handed down from one generation to another, and the lucid intention to make the most of this unique and unrepeatable structure made of knowledge and know-how and to help it grow. Grana Padano is the expression of a great cultural, food and socioeconomic heritage, which is protected by the Consortium. Healthy eating and better living. Grana Padano is an Italian excellence and is the most eaten/popular DPO cheese in the world. A genuine “gastronomic celebration”, where all the senses are involved and enhanced.

Grana Padano is a hard texture cheese, created through a slow and natural ageing process in specifically designed maturation warehouses where temperatures are kept between 15° and 22°C. Three vintages of Grana Padano are distinguished by the length of the ageing process: Grana Padano aged between 9 and 16 months (characterized by a delicate taste with a remarkable milky flavour); Grana Padano aged more than 16 months (which is tasty but not overpowering, with an aroma of hay and dried fruit); Grana Padano “Riserva” aged over 20 months (which is rich and full in flavour, yet never overpowering. The taste is both fragrant and delicate at the same time, with notes of butter, hay and dried fruit.)

 logo_LaCurtense Partner  Microbirrificio La Curtense
 boccali birra Tasting Experience Beer Fest
  Company Profile  The microbrewery “La Curtense” in Franciacorta – founded in 2012 – represents the excellence of the beer of Brescia and the whole Italy in the world. It won the third place in the “Brussels Beer Challenge 2015”, a/the world championship concerning the beers “pilsner” and “lager”, being surpassed only by the USA and Belgium. It won the third place also in the competition at national level called “Birra dell’Anno” (Beer of the Year) thanks to its beer “Brixia Lager” in 2015, and it won the gold medal in the category dark beer with its “Brixia scura” in 2014.

The main goal of La Curtense is to produce genuine and natural beers, all raw beers, that is: they are all unpasteurized, not filtered nor re-fermented in bottles or in casks, without the add of carbon dioxide or additives. The careful selection of the raw materials and the masterly processing assure a fresh flavor, typical of a home-made product, which originates through passion. Christian Manessi e Matteo Marenghi, master brewers and owners of La Curtense, will attend BIE 2016 with their beers.

 olearia caldera Partner  Olearia Caldera
 olio d'oliva Tasting Experience Sale e pepe
  Company Profile  Olearia Caldera was founded in 2004 on the West shore of the Lake Garda. It is surrounded by a land where the olive trees, loaded with their grandiosity, design a strongly characterized landscape. Far from being a plantation of manner??, olive tree plantation represents a very important agricultural resource for this territory, which has achieved an elite position at national level. Olearia Caldera draws inspiration from here, from the perfect combination between human expertise and territorial expression, in order to offer his customers the best extra virgin olive oil of the Lake Garda tradition. Ugo Caldera, spokesman of this long-lasting family tradition, turns oil production into a veritable philosophy to be brought directly to his customers’ table.

Olearia Caldera is the winner in the first edition of the Concorso Unico “L’Oro del Benaco” in the category “Fruttato leggero”.

 Salumificio Aliprandi - logo Partner  Salumificio Aliprandi
 Aliprandi prosciutto 2 Tasting Experience Sale e pepe
  Company Profile  “If you work passionately, you will soon achieve your goals: the most delicious cold cuts are the evidence of the taste of our great traditions” Andrea Aliprandi

“Since 1940, we have proudly carried on the tradition of cold cuts of Brescia and Italy. We have tied by hand our home-made salamis since the beginning, when our grand-father Ottavio invented and improved the recipes we still follow. Nowadays we are a big company dealing with fresh-meat processing and cold cut production, but in the heart we always serve our customers as we did when we were the typical corner small store. Tradition, technology and supply chain control in order to offer you what our family have always loved doing.” Luca, Andrea, Paolo, Francesco, Davide e Clara Aliprandi

In order to guarantee the best in terms of quality, taste and variety, in the plants of Aliprandi e Alicarni every day the best meats are processed, salted and aged still with traditional methods, treasuring the secrets of the master charcutiers. Following a recipe invented three generations ago, Aliprandi is for years a reference point in Lombardy and in the North of Italy. A company situated between two luxuriant valleys, which makes excellence stand out from day to day.

 Pastry Service Partner  Pastry Service
 Pastry Service - Canestreli Tasting Experience La Dolce Vita
  Company Profile Always in the search of originality and quality niches on national and international markets in the field of sweet and savoury.
 77_1_077_logo_Pasini_la_Torre Partner  Azienda Agricola Pasini La Torre
 shutterstock_123746662-ridotta Tasting Experience Wine Lover
  Company Profile Located on the colline moreniche (morenic hills) on the Lake Garda, the Wine Company “La Torre” has a very long tradition (since three generations) in the art of turning grapes into wine. La Torre is firmly persuaded that the quality of wines and oils can be achieved mainly on the farmed land and only secondarily through the cellar technologies: that’s why La Torre only opts for high quality grapes in order to make wines characterized by remarkable thickness, fineness and compositive elegance. Attilio Pasini, enologist and owner of La Torre, will attend BIE 2016 to guide guests to the discover of the method “Garda Classico”.

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