Even for the 4th edition of the working Factory at exhibition, which will be at BIE 2020 as always, there will be plants or processing islands in different industrial sectors with the most innovative solutions both as a production process and as a digitalization of processes with a view to 4.0.

Here below there are some details about how the previous editions of “THE WORKING FACTORY AT EXHIBITION” have been organized.




The machine quintessence

Fully in line with the practical arrangement of the territory where it was born, BIE proposes the only one initiative at international level that have recalled professionals from all over the world: The working Factory at exhibition, which have a great news for the edition of 2019.

Indeed, The working Factory at Exhibition introduced for the first time 5 different functioning processing plants within the area of the fair, and they were dedicated to different sectors:

  • Equipment of “Mechanical Working Processes: automotive sector” composed by a 5-axis-CNC tool machine with a system for recognizing the position of the piece to be processed and robot for loading and unloading the workpiece. 
  • Equipment of “Mechanical Working Processes: railway sector”
  • Equipment of “Mechanical Working Processes: weapon sector”
  • Equipment of “processing and finishing”which realized cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing of an automotive sector component.
  • Equipment of “Automated Assembly” Working Process of a component of the hydraulic sector consisting of 13 parts


Why 5 processing plants.

  • To promote the vision of single working process: the realization of more plants allowed visitors and specialized technicians to see all the details of the processing closer, thanks to less obstacles, but always respecting the security and the possibility to appreciate the production from different points of view, thanks the fact that visitors can see the isles at 360°.
  • A working Factory at exhibition closer to reality: 5 zones of work independent each other, each one was focused on a specific production/process, precisely as it happens in industrial plants, which difficulty realize a continuous production line as that one of the previous working Factory at Exhibition editions
  • Real projects, not expository: the plants were 100% functioning and some of them, precisely for their innovation, were object of already closed sales negotiation.
  • Different sectors: 5 plants allowed people to see the mechanical processing, finishing and assembly of different industrial sectors, that is an excellent characteristic of our territory.



This is a Robotic system for picking parts directly from the bin (Bin Picking) with 3D artificial vision system. The pieces are placed loose in the containers.

The FANUC robot takes the piece directly from the skip, then it positions it in a reset station and finally it loads the piece into the CNC machine (Fanuc Robodrill) for the processing. At the end of the processing cycle, the Robot unloads the piece in another skip.

Through an its own 3D software, the robot locates the best piece to pick up, depending on previous established parameters (for example, the piece to pick up or that one with a particular inclination). Once the robot has identified the piece to pick up, a second CAMrobotic software calculates the reachability of the piece to pick up.



The solutions are applied to functioning processing plants in railway field (simulation of mechanical working process of rolling metals for trains with GOODWAY GS4000 Lathe machine) and weapons field (simulations of mechanical working processes of firearms components with 5-axis-work Centre LITZ LU620), which collaborate, respectively, with Lucchini RS, Beretta and Mec-Ma.

The plants have 4.0 technologic solutions for innovation of firms processes with an eye toward collaborative industry (Cobot – 5.0 industry and Smart factory).

Logistic and supply chain solutions:

  • Dispensers and automatic warehouse for supply of consumable at low and high movements;
  • Advanced Kanban solutions with alerts and automatic reorders;
  • Traceability of tools with RFID technology;
  • Computerized platform for the collection and distribution of hydraulic oils with monitoring and control of consumption in compliance with eco-sustainable development (green economy).

Tool Room integrated system for tooling services management:

  • Intelligent machines interconnected for the balancing, thermal shrinking and tool pre-setting;
  • Software for tool library creation, CNC manager process and Inventory Manager compatible with ERP, MES e CAM systems;
  • 3D prints for rapid prototyping of tools and small production using a wide range of polymers: from the most standard to techno and super polymers.


Services of periodical control of under hook equipment, referring to D.Lgs. 81/08 e 106/09 e s.m.i.:

  • Quarterly, annual and NDT checks (non-destructive tests);
  • Job security;
  • Training courses.


  1. 5-axis-work centre LITZ LU620
    used for mechanical processing of firearms components (Mecma and Beretta logos).
  2. GOODWAY GS4000 Lathe machine
    used for mechanical working process of rolling metals for trains (Lucchini RS logo)
  3. Haimer Power Clamp Comfort i4.0 Shrink machine
    to shrinking on all the tolls with an eye toward 4.0: high performance coils, contact cooling and turntable guarantee keying and cooling at the same time in record time.
  4. Haimer Tool Dynamic balancing machine
    Modular system for high precision balancing of spindles and tools: to obtain the maximum efficiency of the machine tool in terms of number of revolutions, removal capacity and quality of the produced surface, minimizing at the same time the wear of the tools 
  5. Presetting Haimer Serie UNO                                                                                                                                                                                                   For very high-level tool measurement: fully automated and operator-independent measurement and presetting processes
  6. Management system of hydraulic oils                                                                                                                                                                                        For the safe delivery of oils, eliminating situations of contamination and accidents during transport or refilling. Solution that can be integrated with any type of management system in 4.0 and punctual control of consumption as an enabling factor for predictive maintenance. Never without: Grazioli Group takes care of replacing the exhausted barrels.
  1. Local shop
    Automatic vending machines for the safe management of consumables, which can be integrated with any type of management system in 4.0. Grazioli Group provides total control over consumption and guarantee of material always available.
  2. Additive manufacturing: G1 print                                                                                                                                                                                                With double liquid-cooled extruder, ideal for rapid prototyping and for the production of direct materials (components, finished products and spare parts) or indirect (moulds, tools and equipment). Grazioli Group also offers express printing service.
  1. SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-8
    Compact and complete condition monitoring system to detect potential failures in the early phase, enabling predictive maintenance. Improves the reliability, availability and performance of rotating machinery with automatic advice for correcting abnormal or incipient conditions.
  2. Technomark – Graphix Laser Marking Machine                                                                                                                                                                Ror fast and high quality marking. Graphix is all-in-one machine, which integrates the laser source, optics, focal length and electronic control system
  3. Wintool                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Software for the creation of tool library, that is the collection of all the information referring to tools, assemblies e tool lists for each job. It interfaces with ERP, MES, CAM, pre-setting and distribution systems (dispensers and automatic warehouses) allowing the integration of information from multiple sources.
  1. Demonstration of the periodic control service of under hooks equipment, referring to D.Lgs. 81/08 e 106/09 e s.m.i.
  2. Airbank antiques solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                            First aid kit for the metalworking industry, products for the absorption of any type of liquid, products for industrial cleaning, de-polluting and detergents, biodegradable and biological.


14. Container of machining chip collection


Automated unit for mechanical working processes and the cleaning of component of the aluminium automotive sector (disc brake caliper).


4.0 Area

All the plants were digitalized thanks to the collaboration between CSMT and A2A Smart City and thanks to IOBO, through adding IoT sensors installable in different points of the plant and they can be connected to a unit able to realize a real 4.0 with an eye toward “Predictive Maintenance”, “Area 4.0” and energetic monitoring of the machine.

A 4.0 that not only focuses on the intrinsic aspects of machines, everyone with its characteristics and its specific use, but also on the environment and as such it can be transversal and interesting for all firms. So, 4.0 will be concentrated on everything “around” production and processing: detection of noised, levels, consumption, emissions, oils, safety. And a fundamental aspect is that we did not talk about 4.0 applied to super modern machineries in this way, but we had met the real needs of the entrepreneur who has "general" needs for different stages of processing and who also uses machines dated within their own factory or that operate with different languages.

Machineries with sensors radio connectivity, which use the Lora WAN technology were inserted. Particularly, there were devices able to monitor ancillary parameters to what the machine's production process is, usually already equipped with sensors for Industry 4.0. For example, we will measure:

  • Temperature and humidity in work place environment;
  • tracking gpsof means inside  plant;
  • security of worker, with detection of any falls with a special jacket with high energy autonomy. This is a very interesting topic above all for those companies where specialized worker work on shifts or with reduced personnel, and the 4.0 technology allows them to be equipped with special jackets with sensors to monitor the health of the person and send automatic signals in the event of anomalies felt by the system, such as falls or immobility of the resource. Security still remains expensive for companies, for this reason BIE wants to demonstrate to entrepreneurs that with 4.0 they can reduce these costs.
  • Quantity of liquids (oil, liquid refrigerant etc.) that are introduced in the machine with flow meters on the filling station to check excessive consumption or losses in the environment.


CSMT is the Technological Centre of Brescia, a network of 20 companies, laboratories of Università degli Studi of Brescia, CNR and ENEA. Its mission is the technological transfer and the growth of firm innovation level of our territory. With its partner A2A Smart City sensors the installations of the Fair at the using RF LoRaWAN service for data collection.

This transmission offers reliability, security of transmission and low energetic consume. The project provide with monitoring of additional quantities to the machinery process variables, in order to gather useful information from a 4.0 perspective. Particularly, environmental sensors, security sensors (man down) and sensors for the monitoring of energetic consume were used. The collected data of sensors flow into a unique platform where they are elaborated and then visualized. 

Technical data of sensors.

Product name : Smart Vest
Producer: TWL 
Technology: Lorawan
Field: location, security
Application: owner TWL


Product name: MCF-LW12VOC
Producer: MCF88
Technology: Lorawan
Field: environmental, energetic efficiency
Application: Mipu o custom A2A
Link: https://www.mcf88.it/prodotto/mcf-lw12voc/


Product name: Getac
Producer: Getac (Telematic distributor Cie)
Technology: Tablet windows / Android 
Field: Industry
Link: https://it.getac.com/tablets/index.html



IOBO were present working Factory at Exhibition with 3 suites:

IOBO Rebecca IOT suite, which allows to:

  • Collect data in real time from different platforms and devices;
  • Visualize in your preferred form; 
  • Set up formulas based on data or results of previous formulas;
  • Create Dashboard summarizing the plants and devices status; 
  • Generate events and alarms. 

IOBO Rebecca Artificial Intelligence suite, which allows to: 

  • Set up models with complex algorithms;
  • Connect and visualize in real time some data were in processing by Rebecca IoT;
  • Share models with different users and different licenses;
  • Duplicate existing models on different assets. 


IOBO suite with instruments for predictive monitoring which allows to identify up to 6 months in advance 98 out of 100 failures on rotating machines and visualize the status of the plants in a predictive manner wherever we are.



From the raw material to the finished product: this is the philosophy that gave birth in 2017 and 2018 respectively to a brass plumbing and an aluminium component of the automotive sector. 11 and 16 companies of Brescia were respectively involved into the process: from the raw material transformation of the raw material into metrological controls with a real-time production analysis able to trace all the phases, times, efficiencies and yields of each individual machine and of the entire production.

Real production lines within the exhibition space, complex projects, exceptional results of industry 4.0 of which, only in this fair, were possible to admire and follow all the phases.

Discover all the details and videos of past editions:




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