Brescia is the only European province super specialized in the industrial sector with an industrial value of over 10 billion Euros.

The combined research by the Edison Foundation and Confindustria concerning the European provinces mainly devoted to manufacture (Il Sole 24 Ore, Marco Fortis e Alexander Kockerbeck) highlights that only 23 provinces (above all in Italy and Germany) out of a total of over 1,300 meet the requirements of added industrial value higher than 3 billion Euros.

Brescia boasts of being the capital of the industrialization in Europe, since it is the only European province which is both super specialized in the secondary sector and has reached an industrial value of over 10 billion Euros, preceding in this way very important German towns such as Wolsburg, the mega province/town of Volkswagen.

In the research it deals moreover with a record held by Brescia, concerning the number of people working in the industrial sector (167,700 workers). Brescia is followed by 7 Italian provinces: Vicenza, Bergamo, Treviso, Modena, Monza e Brianza, Varese, Reggio Emilia. The first German province in the rankings is Märkischer Kreis, at no. 9 (81.500 workers).

Zoom rank - Statistica Fondazione Edison e Confindustria

Italian Context

From the research, it is clear that Lombardy dominates with as many as 5 provinces super specialized in the secondary sector: in addition to Brescia and Bergamo, Monza-Brianza, Varese and Mantova (Mantua) are also in the rankings. Veneto and Emilia Romagna follows with 2 provinces each: respectively Vicenza and Treviso, Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Metalworking and mechanical engineering industry is the leading sector of these winning industrial provinces, together with the sectors concerning goods for people and for the house, chemistry and plastic-rubber.

The 9 Italian industrial provinces super specialized in the secondary sector present in this rankings represent as a whole an added industrial value of over 65 billion Euros, which correspond to the sum of the added industrial value of Finland, Portugal, Latvia and Esthonia.


Read here the complete statistical report of the Edison Foundation and Confindustria: Brescia prima provincia d’Europa. (in Italian)










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