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Via Castagnotta, 8 – 25075 Nave (Brescia) Italy
Phone: +39 030 8925563 – Fax: +39 030 8924973
Website: www.autind.com
Mail: sales@autind.com
  Commodity Sectors


06.00 – industrial robots
10.00 – assembly lines and assembly techniques
21.00 – sheet metal working cells and systems
22.00 – machining centers
39.00 – transfer machines and work units
  Company Profile Automazioni Industriali was founded in 1984. It soon conceived a robot-guiding vision system for its robotised lines: DRS (DRIVE ROBOT SYSTEM), which is constantly upgraded. Over 25 years of progress and expertise allow Automazioni Industriali to offer specific and concrete solutions to meet the needs of Italian and foreign industries, which find in our company a perfect interlocutor in the following production sectors: automotive, plastics, metalworking, steel, heating, water and food.



Processing step
Processing step description





Parts feeding
A robot removes the previously furnace-heated billets from the loading conveyor belt and unload them in the lower half-mold inside the press.
The upper level of the press closes downwards and brings the upper half-mold to total closure. When the mold is closed, extruders move the buckling pins into the mold cavities and deform the billets, giving form to a shaped piece just in the mold itself. When the vertical level opens again, the forged pieces stay grasped the upper half-mold.
Machine offloading
Through a vertical arm, the pieces are removed and unloaded outside the press on a conveyor belt to reach the piece-cooling step.
Particularly interesting processings   The press can load single or double billets through an anthropomorphic robot. Unloading takes place through an electric linear arm synchronized with machine cycle.
Machines and/or equipment and/or employed materials  Forge Tronic – Electric Press mod. FT 7100
General data sheet (machines, equipment, employed materials)  See the section Brochures, or the following website: https://www.fierabie.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Automazioni-Industriali-Forge-tronic-Eng-new.pdf
Characteristics or innovative applications (machines, equipment, employed materials) 




ForgeTronic stands out mainly because it is a fully electric press for metal hot forging. All the axes are directly driven by electric motors.

Machine management takes place through a programmable controller and a dedicated touch-screen monitor. Moreover, ForgeTronic has an integrated mold lubrication system with 32 nozzles (16 upper nozzles and 16 lower nozzles) and the required oil volume is automatically calculated according to hourly consumption.

Through a specific Cad/Cam, it is possible to automatically regulate the speed function, as well as rising and lowering speeds of ForgeTronic can be regulated independently.

Moreover, strength trends of every single extruder and vertical axis can be analyzed. The press is characterized also and above all through molding results without flash and its very low noise emissions.

The multilingual, easy-to-use and very intuitive interface, the process repeatability, energy recovery and savings as well as the control of the pin force and the lack of the pad are additional strong points of this machine.

Application fields 


The main application sectors of ForgeTronic are: automotive, lighting, gas&water, appliances and health.

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