Company Name  STEAM SRL
Via dei Carusi, 11/12/13 – 28885 Piedimulera (VB)
Phone: +39 0324 842054 – Fax: +39 0324 842042
Website: www.steamsrl.com – Mail: info@steamsrl.com
Pad.  – stand 
  Commodity Sectors 73.00 – hydraulic and pneumatic components
121.00 – mechanical works for third parties
129.00 – welding and cutting
141.00 – semi-finished components (automotive)
Company Profile  Leader in the production of stainless steel ferrules and sleeves for flexible pipes and press fitting systems, as well as in the production of TIG welded stainless steel pipes for automotive, thermotechnics and houseware producing companies. Department with cutting and processing systems 2D using fiber laser technology for pipes in brass, copper, aluminum and steel.
  Products and/or Service dealed  For over 30 years production of ferrules for flexible pipes and press fitting systems for the most varied uses, internal production of T.I.G. welded stainless steel pipes. Recently it has acquired new machinery for tubes laser cutting and processing, providing a complete service starting from the design up to the realization of the finished part. Strenghts: speed in executing orders and responsiveness in handling urgent requests.
  Exhibited Products  Laser cutting and processing of steel, brass, copper and aluminum pipes in the following dimensions: – round section up to 120 mm in diameter
– square section up to 100 mm per side
– rectangular, oval, semi-flat and elliptical sections up to 120 x 70 mm Applications: automotive, plumbing, sanitary installation, houseware producing companies, technical lighting, industrial machines.

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