PARTNER no. 4/11   STB Officina Meccanica Pav. 8
Stand 04
Via Mainone N. 56N – 25065 Lumezzane (Brescia) Italy
Phone: +39 030 8920323 – Fax: +39 030 8248203
Website: www.stbom.it/?lang=en
Mail: stb@stbom.it
  Commodity Sectors 107.00 – components and accessories for molds
110.00 – forging dies and hot pressing
117.00 – other molds
  Company Profile S T B snc is a mechanical workshop born in Lumezzane – in the province of Brescia – in 1978, which operates in the field of design and construction of molds and dies for hot pressing. S T B boasts of high professionalism in mechanical processing.

S T B snc uses only machines and tools with cutting-edge technology, which are always updated . The staff of S T B, made up of professionals in this field, will fulfill all your requirements in order to satisfy all your demands with high quality standards.
Processing step  FORGING MOULDS
Processing step description 1st STEP: Design. At the beginning we study, design and develop the product with CAD CAM program, trough which we realize in 3D the mould and all  its components.

2nd STEP: Roughing. The material for the mould production is supplied as a raw material by the steelworks. Then it is squared and pre-drilled

3rd STEP: Heat treatment. The mould is heat-treated and brought to a hardness of HRC 48-50

4th STEP: Finishing. The mould is first grinded and then the figure (specified by CAD-CAM) is created by the high-speed machining centers. At this point all the lubrication holes are made trough a 4 axis drilling center. The last step is the polishing and dimensions check by the “RENISHAW” probe.

Particularly interesting processings High speed milling and drilling on 5 axis lubrication holes
Machines and/or equipment and/or employed materials Numerical control milling machines High speed  5 axis drilling machine
Characteristics or innovative applications (machines, equipment, employed materials) Mould finishing after hardening
Application fields   Valves Pipe fittings Automotive Handles

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