PARTNER no. 5/11   SO.TEC Pav. 8
Stand 05
  Company Name SO. TEC  SRL
Via Castel Gandosso n. 15 – 24030 Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo) Italy
Phone: +39 035 553196 – Fax: +39 035 553197
Website: www.sotec.it
Mail: info@sotec.it
  Commodity Sector 89.00 – extraction systems and filtration
  Company Profile SO.TEC is an engineering company that’s mainly dedicated to the design and provision of complete systems and technological solutions for air purification. SO.TEC is provided with all the latest graphical, computing and data transmission means, and works only on computerized platforms using suitable and continually updated programs.

For certain sectors, SO.TEC collaborates with leading European companies and Italian and foreign consultants, and exclusively imports specific machinery and processes. The company’s main goal is to supply products, technologies and above all to provide technical-engineering and design services for plant installation of its equipment and/or technologies at its disposal.

SO.TEC is based in Almenno San Bartolomeo, on the outskirts of Bergamo, Italy.

Processing step FUMES ASPIRATION
Processing step description Fumes Aspiration

The oil mist and fumes are conveyed inside the filter.

So.tec oil mist filters normally have two filtration stages and can be equipped with a third stage in order to allow the air to recirculate within the work environment.

  • The first stage separates any dusts and mists present with particle sizes greater than 1 micron.
  • The second stage, which features high aggregation/separation efficiency Microless® coalescing elements, separates oil mists with submicronic particles and provides for filtration results comparable to those of certified absolute HEPA filters.
  • The third stage (optional), which consists of absolute HEPA filters, guarantees the quality of the air to be recirculated back into the work environment. The high efficiency of the coalescing elements installed in the second stage also ensures the long service life of the absolute filter.
Particularly interesting processings   The efficiency of separation of oil fumes and mists is extremely high, and is equal to:

  • 99.99% for particle sizes greater than 1.0 micron;
  • 99.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.5 microns;
  • 95.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.2 microns;
Machines and/or equipment and/or employed materials Oil mist filter MINICOMPACT 8.000 O/D

Oil mist filter MINIMAX 3.000 O/D

General data sheet (machines, equipment, employed materials) See the Brochures, or  the links below:




Characteristics or innovative applications (machines, equipment, employed materials)  Fundamental characteristic of the SO.TEC coalescence filters for the treatment of oil mists: high separation efficiency (also on submicronic particles) and long life of the filter elements.

SO.TEC introduced in 1995 this technology in hot brass forging sector and then also embrace other sectors (through pilot plants).

Application fields  SO.TEC works for a very wide range of industries, operating in several different sectors, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, mechanical engineering, foundry, marble, wood, plastics, rubber and leather-tanning industries, and more.

NB: In addition to the coalescence filters for treatment of oil mists presented at the fair, SO.TEC designs and installs also turnkey dust filters (bags and cartridges filters, in standard or ATEX version ) for the treatment of industrial dust.


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