PARTNER no. 9/11   logoSala Pav. 8
Stand 09
  Company Name SALA SRL
Trav. Via De Gasperi, 41 – 25060 Collebeato (Brescia)  Italy
Phone: +39 030 2510565 – Fax: +39 030 2510702
Website: www.salasrl.com/en/
Mail: b.inverardi@salasrl.com
  Commodity Sectors 22.00 – machining centers
39.00 – transfer machines and work units
49.00 – flexible manufacturing systems and cells
51.00 – lathes
  Company Profile The company SALA, founded in the 50’s as a mechanical design office, has been building high precision turning machines since the early 60’s. Since the 70’s, the company has been manufacturing also turning and mirror-polishing machines for balls for valves.

Since the early 1990’s, the introduction of the CNC numerical control – together with constant research and development – have allowed us to extend our fields of application, achieving complete processings using fully automatic systems, with removals to both non-rotating and rotating workpieces.

Through our wide expertise spectrum, a new range of high-precision, multi-spindle turning machines (2, 4 or 6 spindles) with vertical axis has been produced in recent years. These are characterized through an innovative spindle arrangement, which is able to combine precision, finishing and productivity. The characteristic of the vertical-axis spindle has always been part of the technical planning of our turning machines.

Processing Step
Feeding of work pieces
Through an automatic rod feeder, the brass rod is loaded into the processing machine.

Balls machining for valves
Machining operations:

  • Rod cutting,
  • Drilling and preforming,
  • Rough turning,
  • Diamond finishing,
  • Radiused chamfering waterway ends CNC numerically controlled (our patented system)
  • Horizontal drilling (3-4 way balls, with angular programmable position through CNC from 0 to 360°),
  • Milling the slot,
  • Slot deburring.

Offloading of the machine
After the machining process, the work pieces are unloaded in the specific station of the assembly machine.

Particularly interesting processings   The original Flexiball, the linear transfer machine by SALA for balls manufacturing, includes an exclusive and patented processing cycle, for example: turning, diamond finishing and ball chamfering take place simultaneously in a single station through CNC interpolation.
Machines and/or equipment and/or employed materials Linear transfer for balls – model Flexiball
General data sheet (machines, equipment, employed materials) See the section Brochure, or the following website: http://www.salasrl.com/en/prodotti/flexiball/
Characteristics or innovative applications (machines, equipment, employed materials)  The original Flexiball, the linear transfer machine by SALA for balls manufacturing, are distinguished by high productivity, quality and efficiency, which are the result of a constant optimization activity of the original project by SALA: an esclusive and patented project. Thanks to our completely automatic processing cycle, 1 or 2 balls simultaneously can be produced, starting from both a bar and rough pressed balls. Piece transferring takes place through manipulator with linear engine.

It is possible to implement a palletization system of the finished balls, by using a Scara or anthropomorphic robot.

Use of CNC FANUC numerical control machines of the latest generation, with memorization of executive programs. The control panel, installed on a sliding console, is provided with the new Fanuc iHMI computer, which allows a complete integration of the machine with its operator and the corporate management activity, with regard to the extraction of production data and of functioning parameters, alarm signalling and memorization and the management of preventive maintenance. (INDUSTRY 4.0)

An exclusive operator-interface software is included, which has been specially developed by SALA technicians for the machine FLEXIBALL, which allows a remarkable tooling-time reduction and a great operation easiness for the users.

A state-of-the-art electronic monitoring system is included for wear and break control of all the processing tools.

Application fields 
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Gas valves
  • Hobbies
  • Automotive
  • Electric motors – power tools
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Taps and valves – fittings
  • Electric connectors

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