PARTNER no. 10/11  FELP Assembly Pav. 8
Stand 10
Via E. Fermi n. 2 – 24050 Palosco (Bergamo) Italy
Phone: +39 035 845577 – Fax: +39 035 846365
Website: www.felpassembly.com
Mail: info@felpassembly.com
  Commodity Sector 39.00 – transfer machines and work units
  Company Profile FELP has been designing and constructing assembly, testing and service systems for more than 30 years, being very successful at international level in the main market fields of the following sectors: sanitary ware, taps, spherical valves, fittings, automotive, through the creation of industrial automatisms implemented on mechanical or pallet lines, rotating tables and semiautomatic testing and assembly workbenches.
Processing Step  ASSEMBLY
Processing Step
Feeding of the work pieces
The washed work pieces are loaded into a motorized hopper of an electric plate lift by means of two vibrant tubes/channels/passages. Then, the pieces reach the double feeding system made of backlight bands, where an anthropomorphic robot, through its vision system, takes a work piece and loads it into the assembly machine. Any piece that was not taken by the robot comes back to the initial hopper by means of a conveyor belt. The diamond balls coming from the ball transfer machine reach the assembly machine by means of motorized belt. All the others valve’s components are stocked not aligned in personalized feeding systems for the automatic feeding and selection.

The assembly and testing machine is designed to assemble and test ½” ball valve with all its components in a completely automatic way.The valve body, coming from the washing cell, is loaded by means of robotic vision system in the customized piece-holder of the rotary table. The succeeding stations of the table are intended for the mounting of components and/or execution of particular operation on the ball valve, by performing sequentially the entire assembly process:- Insertion of the first PTFE seal into the valve body seat- Lubricant nebulization inside the valve body and PTFE seal lubrication- Driving stem insertion (preassembled with O-rings and antifriction ring) in the valve body seat- Phase orientation and insertion of the chrome plated ball directly fed by the ball diamond finishing tooling machine- Lubrication and insertion of the second PTFE seal into the sleeve seat- Tightening of the sleeve on the valve body with micro-dosing of thread-locking glue and successive transfer to a storing carousel to allow proper glue curing.The ball valve so assembled is ready to be airtight tested. The micro-leak seal testing by air pressurization of the valve is performed with the help of specific electronic equipment, interfaced with the PLC of the machine.The final assembly is processed on a second rotary table and allows customization of the ball valve through the automatic mounting of the control lever with the related locking nut and its marking on the upper surface.The machine cycle time for testing and the complete assembly of the ball valve is 3 seconds which means that every 3 seconds the rotary table will index once preparing each piece for subsequent processing and downloading from the last station a ball valve assembled and tested.Offloading of the machine
After the assembly process, the work pieces are unloaded into a box.
Particularly interesting processings   In the ball valves assembly process could be added or modified some steps according to the final valve design and with the customized assembly and testing technical needs.
Machines and/or equipment and/or employed materials Rotary tables, personalized mounting stations for each components, vibrating feeding and selection systems, testing device 

— Vision system DRS, anthropomorphic robots, electric plate lift.

General data sheet (machines, equipment, employed materials) Visit the website  http://www.felpassembly.com/ – section “Ball valves assembly and test line”
Characteristics or innovative applications (machines, equipment, employed materials) The assembly machine main features is the high customization level obtained according to the specific mounting and testing requests

Design is strongly personalized on the base of the customer needs, submitted to the analysis in terms of production needs, ergonomics, qualitative standard, technologic innovations and industrial benefits. The target is to ensure a design of high level of personalization, in order to lay the foundations for the creation of the most appropriate and functional assembly solution, completely automatic and controlled electronically with a programmed by FELP software.

Every single machine and industrial automation system are maintained and controlled by software systems programmed ad hoc exceptionally by an internal team, constantly updated and enhanced in innovation, research and development. The design and the personalization of software equipment permit to acquire evident benefits in terms of plants expansion, of functional verticalization, and of simplifying logistics. Every software is equipped with an auto diagnostic and control system to allow maximum control of the production process and a concrete optimization of maintenance and intervention executed by every operator. Every plant is also equipped with system of remote service in order to assist quickly and efficiently the customer directly from the headquarter.

— The robot is equipped with a particular vision system, which is precise and reliable: the DRS (Drive Robot System).

This system has been entirely internally developed, its main features consist in its capability of:

  • taking the piece when it is still (“motion control”),
  • finding additional views,
  • positioning some “windows checks” in order to verify the absence of further pieces nearby,
  • saving a detailed analysis of the process

The vision system was designed and developed to be able to adapt to the main industrial applications.

The electric plate lift is equipped with a connected PLC and it is able to communicate directly with the robot.

Application fields  Sanitary and gas ware, taps, spherical valves, fittings, automotive, electric components, pneumatic accessories, forniture accessories and other productions.

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