BIE 2020 is going yellow thanks to FANUC area dedicated to INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION – INTELLIGENT SOLUTION.

This is the first time FANUC participates to Brescia Industrial Exhibition with an expository area where visitors can see the wide portfolio of products for the automation of industry – which includes CNC, robot, Robomachines and IoT services – and and get a closer look to “Turkney” solutions to improve the manufacturing efficiency of installations and machineries.

This is the first time that FANUC comes at BIE to show its selection of its production:
1) ROBODRILL – vertical work centre and a new conception 5-axis CNC.
2) ROBOCUT – an electrical discharge machining machines with wire for moulds. 
3) ROBOSHOT – 100% electric injection moulding press.
4) ROBOT – selection of the most prestigious FANUC models.

Moreover, there is an area dedicated to the most innovative 4.0 technologies: INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION– smart IoT sensors, IoT systems and solutions of automation

Who is FANUC

FANUC offers integrate solutions for automation of tools machines, which allow business not only to reduce the work costs, but also to improve the quality and reduce inactivity times. These are solutions thought in order to guarantee a simple and efficient functioning and offer the highest performances.

With three product divisions, FANUC is the only one society in this sector able to develop and internally produce all its principal components. Every details, either hardware and software, are subject of quality controls.

The new generation of IoT systems will allow to FANUC automation solutions to exchange an enormous amount of data in real time so as to improve the process through self-learning. At the base of this new possibility, there are smart sensors, engines and robot of innovative technology, which represent the digital network.

The lean technology and the reduction of the components to the minimum, makes FANUC solutions be reliable, predictable and easy to repair.

The global and timely costumer services, with branches in 263 countries all over the world, the central storehouse in Luxembourg and the center of customization all around the European territory, give the best support to the development of customized solutions and to the machineries upkeep.


FANUC ROBODRILL is the vertical centre of work of new generation characterized by excellent performances in terms of quality and precision with a change of utensil of 0,7 seconds, a capacity up to 21 tools and a turret system which is able to handle 4-kg-weight tools. It is versatile, high speed (it allows to reach cutting times up to 1,3 seconds) and it is the fastest and most robust 5-axis CNC machine in the market. It is the best choice for the mould makers who have to combine fast cycle times with precision, reliability and an advantageous hourly cost.

The ROBODRILL α-DiB selection is composed by six short, standard and long plank models in standard and innovative versions, offering a lot of flexibility in a new selection of working applications.

ROBODRILL has an operating panel with iHMI interface, which assure simplicity of use and the best ergonomics. Moreover, the ROBODRILL-Linki software, constantly controls the machine and productivity status, visualizing the efficiency in real time; so, it is a very useful mean to oppose the downtime.

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FANUC has developed a machine for the EDM flush of new generation: the ROBOCUT   α-CiB selection is composed by three extremely versatile models, depending on the plank motion needed. Particularly, ROBOCUT α-C800iB offers a motion of X-Y-Z planks equal to 800 x 600 x 310 mm and it is able to maintain pieces up to 3,000 kg; it is the lesser obstacle available in its reference field, a perfect solution for constructors of prints and contractors which allows to FANUC to insert in areas such as the automotive and subcontracting, but it has a very important characteristic: flexibility. It is important because it makes the machine suitable to some exigencies of other processing, such as that of the metal cutting or that of aerospace.

Machines of FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiB selection are characterized by an extreme compactness and an excellent precision in cutting. The cast iron symmetric structure of the machine has been optimized to guarantee a better thermal rigidity and stability.

The center of the machine is the FANUC Serie 31i-WB numeric control with a touch screen and a new iHMI intuitive interface. The CNC offers the most innovative functionalities of control and it allows to handle the ROBOCUT CAMi software directly from the CN display.

Also the ROBOCUT –Linki tool software allows to monitor in real time the machine status and it has an even more intuitive and easier user interface.

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We can find the well-known precision and reliable of FANUC solutions in ROBOSHOT, The 4.0-ready press used for electric injection moulding, by an excellent repeatability,the process control is optimal and the necessity of upkeep is minimal.

The ROBOSHOT selection is composed by different completely-full-electric models and suitable to all working necessities, from the “small” α-S15iA (15 ton)  up to the α-S450iA (450 ton).

FANUC ROBOSHOT assembles CNC 31i-B, which is the most reliable numeric control in the world and that respects the high standard of reliability and security established by the Japanese headquarter; indeed, it has been calculated that FANUC machines have 0,016 out of orders every year, that is 1 after 6 years of use.

Thanks to reduced operative costs, the functionality of moulding protection and the demonstrated reliability of long-term, FANUC ROBOSHOT has the cheapest propriety cost of the market and an investment return that can be just for 2 years.

Provided with a wide LCD display and a touch panel, with a new intuitive interface iHMI, the press is compliant to Euromap 77, which enables the interfacing with MES systems through OPC UA protocol and assure an integrated approach to the 4.0 industry.

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FANUC offers a complete portfolio of post-sales: preventive and predictive upkeep contracts, calibration of machines out by qualified staff, immediate availability of replacements, timely assistance in case of machines out of orders and formation focused on analyze the functioning of adopted solutions. The principal interest of FANUC assistance service and support is always the costumer and its specific production scenario, a real after-sales with blocks of customizable customer service.   

The new FANUC branch in Lainate, Italy, put its attention on the costumer (Costumer First). Indeed, FANUC ACADEMY, which has always paid attention to formative necessities, makes available to its costumer an expert team of specialists able to develop and customize any formation needed to improve performances of use of FANUC products

The aim of our courses is not only transfer the knowledge of FANUC products to participants, but also face the problems and receipt the necessities of costumers for the realization and the improvement of always more innovative products, putting our quality and experience in the first place.

With 6 training rooms with variable capacity equipped with the most advanced multimedia systems, robotic training cells and CNC simulators and FANUC machine tools for practical tests, the new FANUC Italia headquarters ensures high training standards.

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