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Via Giuseppe Verdi, 121 – 25030 Torbole Casaglia (Brescia) Italy
Phone: +39 030 2650161 – Fax: +39 030 2650271
Website: www.bentivoglio1919.it
Email: info@bentivoglio1919.it
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19.00 – tool grinding machines
20.00 – boring machines
22.00 – machining centers
24.00 – screwing and threading machines
25.00 – milling machines
28.00 – honing, lapping and polishing machines
33.00 – machines for the deformation of sheet metal
34.00 – machines for processing of rods, profiles and pipes
37.00 – cutting machines
38.00 – machines for cutting and punching
40.00 – retrofitted and certified machine tools
41.00 – machines, equipment and material for welding and cutting
43.00 – planers, shapers, slotting and broaching
44.00 – presses
47.00 – grinding
48.00 – saws and miter saws
51.00 – lathes
52.00 – drills and drilling
  Company Profile Bentivoglio Macchine Utensili s.r.l. is a company, which is specialized in trading new and used machine tools.
Headquarter is located in Torbole Casaglia (Brescia) on an exhibition area of ​​10,000 square meters, with more than 1,500 machines available. All our commercial offices are also located in Torbole Casaglia.
Prerogative of Bentivoglio Macchine Utensili s.r.l., both for new and used machine tools, is chip and metal deformation; but it is also easy to find molding machines, especially with regards to used machinery.
  Exhibited Products New machine tools – used machine tools.
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