XPLAB Company Name


Viale s. Eufemia, 39 – 25135 Brescia Italy
Phone: +39 030 2350035
Website: www.xplab.net/index_EN.html
Mail: info@xplab.net

Stand …
  Commodity Sectors


08.00 software for manufacturing
15.00 automatic storehouse
50.00 software for machine tools
67.00 quality control, software
69.00 testing machines
89.00 extraction systems and filtration
  Company Profile  XPLAB Research in Automation – Since 1990, it has been dealing with research and development in the field of basic computer technologies such as real-time operating systems, programming languages, developing systems and cloud-web, that enable the creation of “Intelligent Applications” for the automation of machinery and plants and for factory management and planning.
  Exhibited Products POWER-KI (PWK): programming language, complete of environment of development/test/debug; PowerBerry is the “porting” of PWK for its application in the Internet of Things; XPOLYPLUS is a Real-Time system for command, control and supervision; XAILS for Web-content and -app management; PANORAMIX for steel mill management; EMS Emission Monitoring System; IBIS Intelligent Billet Supervisor; HABS heuristic warehouses; Laboratory Instrumentation; MIXER Casting competent Management; PLAN Production Planning and Scheduling; Supervision of Hydroelectric Plants.

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