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Viale F.lli Kennedy, 1/C – 25080 Mazzano (Brescia) Italy
Phone: +39 030 2131496 –
Fax: +39 030 7772527
Website: www.systemt.it – Mail: info@systemt.it
Stand ….



  Commodity Sectors 08.00 – software for manufacturing
09.00 – software for product development CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM
50.00 – software for machine tools
105.00 –  services for the company
106.00 – services for the production
127.00 – design, prototyping, testing
  Company Profile 1. Direct supplier for Italy of the CAD/CAM software GO2cam

2. WiFi connection solutions for the transmission of the program ISO from computer to cnc and viceversa.

3. We offer ISO programming courses with regards to the most  widespread CNC on the market (both next-generation technology and legacy technology)

  Exhibited Products


CAM/CAD Software GO2cam
GO2cam meets the requirements of third-party manufacturers, who have to fulfill the expectations of their customers: quality and lead time. GO2cam is a CAM software recommended to manufacturers. GO2cam gives you the possibility to program:
From 3 to 5 axes continuous millers
Lathes from 2 to 10 axes
Erosions from 2 to 4 axes by every brand.



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