Company Title  PROGETTO 6 SRL
Via Vergnano, 81 – 25125 Brescia (BS)
Phone: 030 3534431 – Fax: 030 3534119
Website: www.progetto6.it – Mail: info@progetto6.it
Pad stand 
  Commodity Sectors   406.03 – tablet/smartphone
408.03 – Integration of logistics flows
409.04 – identification systems: RFID, barcode and QR-code readers, etc.
409.10 – communication infrastructures: wireless, ultra-broadband, 4G, 5G, etc.
07.00 – packaging systems and products
08.00 – software for manufacturing
  Company Profile Progetto 6, been born to Brescia in 1994 dealing himself/herself/itself with the identification of the products with bar code, work from 25anni with success in the sector of the Identification Technology (AUTOID). With the time you/he/she has consolidated a group of professionals that I/you/they are strongly specialized in all of this that allows to transform, in real time, the single business data in information gestibili from the computer systems, with enormous benefits in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.
  Products and/or Service dealed   Progetto 6 analyze and it study the demands of the client furnishing solutions innovative and technologically advances to support of the different business circles, with particular respect to the management and control of the accesses, the survey of the presences, the harvest of the data of production and the logistics of store.
  Exhibited Products   Swit4.0 the solution web for the industry 4.0 with the forms: timeout – survey presences; reception for the reception guaranteeing privacy and safety; stepone for the pedestrian and cart control of the accesses; blackboard the display for the communications in department; check-line the management of the goal line of confezionamento; check-weight the contapezzi;rdp the automatic harvest of the data of production; produced statements to mark: honeywell apix plus zebra opticon extremenetworks intermec datamax

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