logotecn'è.jpeg Company Name   OPEN FACTORY EDIZIONI SRL – RIVISTA TECN’È
Via B. Rucellai, 37/B – 20126 Milan Italy
Phone: +39 02 49517730 – Fax: +39 02 87153767
Website: www.tecnelab.it – Mail: info@openfactory.eu
Stand …
  Commodity Sectors 131.00 – publishing
132.00 – technical journals
  Company Profile TECN’È is a monthly magazine dealing with the manufacturing sector, with the ambition to promote the quality and the technological excellence that characterize this strategic section for the economy of the Country.

The strong specialization in several disciplines (automation, mechanics, computer science, mechatronics, design and so on) and above all the sensitivity and the attention paid to the themes concerning innovation are the distinctive characteristics of TECN’È, technologies, machines, systems for a changing world.

  Exhibited Products The magazine TECN’È

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