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Via G. de Stefani, 46 – 32042 Calalzo di Cadore (Belluno) Italy
Tel. +39 0435 501126 – Fax +39 0435 31057
Website: www.obeitalia.it
Email: info@obeitalia.it
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  Commodity Sectors 30.00 – machines, systems and equipment for foundry

42.00 – micromachining

53.00 – steels

54.00 – aluminum and light alloys

55.00 – brass

56.00 – copper

63.00 – sintered materials

71.00 – accessories

74.00 – mechanical components

102.00 – cutting tools

120.00 – foundries and die casting

121.00 – mechanical works for third parties

122.00 – machining without chip removal

123.00 – machining with chip removal

127.00 – design, prototyping, testing

128.00 – grinding and superfinishing

129.00 – welding and cutting

  Company Profile OBE is a company specialized in producing and selling components manufactured through Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

The MIM technology is a productive process thanks to which it is possible to obtain objects with complex forms, starting from metallic powder.

Through our twenty-year expertise, we are able to manufacture and sell small, complex and high-quality components made of steel, titanium and special alloys, assisting our customers from the first development phases to the finished product.


Exhibited Products


Precision metallic parts made of steel, titanium and copper alloys manufactured through Metal Injection Moulding technology and precision casting.

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