NuovaRuoteDentate LOGO  Company Name   NUOVA RUOTE DENTATE SRL
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 70/A – 25086 Rezzato (Brescia) Italy
Phone: +39 030 2792899 – Fax: +39 030 2792692
Website: www.nuovaruotedentate.com – mail: info@nuovaruotedentate.com
Stand …
  Commodity Sectors 74.00 – mechanical components
121.00 – mechanical works for third parties
123.00 – chip‐forming machining
128.00 – grinding and superfinishing
  Company Profile Since the beginning of its activity in 1955 the company has focused its attention on the production of elements related to the mechanical transmission with particular attention to gears, racks, endless screws, ribbed axles and mandrels.
  Exhibited Products The company, which has been working since many years in the precision mechanics sector, offers a wide range of products finished or supplied on customer’s request.

Our strong point is the precision machining of single parts or short runs of high technological content, where the accuracy and strict controls are the maximum priority.

During the exhibition, we will display a selection of our product range, such as gears, racks, endless screws and ribbed axles.


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