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Morandin Contenitori s.r.l.

Via E. Majorana, 6 – 31025 Santa Lucia di Piave (Treviso) Italy
Phone: +39 0438 651488 – Fax: +39 0438 651281
Sito web: www.morandincontenitori.com – Mail: info@morandincontenitori.com

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  Commodity Sectors


13.00 – storage
14.00 – industrial logistics
83.00 – safety, environment and depuration
84.00 – containers for solid waste collection
85.00 – collection containers of waste oils
129.00 – welding and cutting
  Company Profile Morandin Industrial Containers produces solutions for the problems of enterprises with regards to logistics. Our solutions include the storage, handling and disposal of raw materials, semi-finished goods, industrial waste, scrap metals and even liquids.

The main goal of our containers is to make internal logistics processes more efficient, with attention to safety and environmental protection.

  Exhibited Products
  • Sump pallet (prevent any spills of dangerous substances and pollutants )
  • Sheet metal containers (storage and handling of goods)
  • Tilting containers (ideal for the handling and the discharge of scrap)
  • Forklift safety work platform (enable the user to reach high places safely and work efficiently: ideal for carrying out high level maintenance, inspection and stocktaking.)
  • Bottom opening containers (ideal for the handling and the discharge of waste and scrap)

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