Company Title    MODULA SPA
Via San Lorenzo, 41 – 42013 Salvaterra di Casalgrande (RE)
Phone: 05 22774111 – Fax: N.D
Website: www.modula.com – Mail: valentina.benassi@modula.com
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  Commodity Sectors   03.00 – automation for storage and transportation
  Company Profile   Modula is the name of the Italian firm that plans and it produces ideal vertical automatic stores for every sector. You give first models in 1987, the range of the stores has become larger giving solutions life versatile to meet the demands of all the productive realities.
The store Modulates it is able stoccare different typologies of product: you give small to voluminous and heavy components.
The vertical stores allow up to 90% of reduction of space, they increase the productivity, velocizzano the picking and they improve the efficiency of the store reducing the risks for the people and commodities.
  Products and/or Service dealed   A correct management of the picking inside the industrial stores is translated in competitiveness on the market, above all when quality and price stop being conclusive factors and they take over the performances in terms of rapidity of management and escape of the orders. Us of it Modulates we propose logistic solutions to the state-of-the-art one, you study in the detail to earn space, to save time and to improve the efficiency of the trials.
  Exhibited Products   Modula Slim is the intelligent answer for the one that looks for a solution of vertical stoccaggio with a total flexibility. In yours Slim modulates you will be able stoccare all the types of materials and products in alone 3 mqs of surface, 1,6 ms of depth.

To the demonstration BIE the great signed novelty Modulates: the new store Modula Slim.
It is a new product that unites all the advantages of the technology of the Lift in the space of a vertical carousel.
The name says everything: it is the most compact of his/her category and it revolutionizes once more the concept of space since in alone 1,6 ms of depth can contain up to 25.000 Kg. As every vertical store exploits the space in height (you/he/she can reach the 7 ms) and recovers a lot of surface in plant also allowing the application of it spaces extremely meeting places. All this with a consumption energetic meeting place: less than 1,2 kW / h.

Modula Slim is able stoccare any type of material up to a height of 650 mm, and to enliven them in rapid way to allow over 190 pickings / now. Its drawers have a course of 350 Kg and they are able stoccare anything, above all because a simple system of separators and divisors it allows to divide the drawer in compartments of different dimensions, from few cms to some meter so that the operation of picking to make immediate since the software directly signals in what compartment to withdraw or to deposit, to test of error.
Modula Slim is fast indeed, but also very sure, the safety barriers protect the operator, the bay of picking is ergonomic and the button of emergency allows the immediate arrest.
The console of command, Copilot, is a small monitor touch positioned to height eyes that the operator drives in every activity, with simple commands and an intuitive graphics. There are then some accessories that the trial makes even more fluid as the button of elegant picking in correspondence of the bay, the reader EKS close to the console that also allows the immediate access without login and password and the laser pointer or the bar Alphanumeric led that points out in way unequivocal thing to withdraw and where.

The innovation of Modula Slim is in the compactness and in the flexibility, only 1,6 of depth note that he/she marries him the possibility to exploit the whole inside space without limits and without ties and without fixed heights. To use all the centimeters of the store, Modula Slim exploits the dynamic management of the heights of load: the store is able to calculate whether to position the drawers to optimize the empty spaces between one and the other.
Besides with the technology Lift and the movement of the elevator, problems of sbilanciamento of the load unlike the systems don’t exist to carousel.
Other advantages of this product are the rapidity of installation. Slim modulates it is composed of a base preassemblata that allows an easy movimentazione and a fast installation. This means that the store is ready in 48 hours in a productive plant and also integrates quickly him with any system business ERP, thanks to Modula WMS (system of management of store) or thanks to the systems bridge Modula Link or it Modulates Driver in case a business WMS it already existed.
The maintenance is limited: the system of transmission with toothed strap Eagle, super silent, it doesn’t ask for lubrication and graces to the pulleys autocentranti it is easy to install and to regulate.

In short, a true revolution in the store for the one that wants a factory lean, compact and integrated.
In little space, the maximum efficiency.


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