Company Title   CSB Software & Solutions SRL
Via Como, 3 – 25125 Brescia (BS)
Phone: 030 3514611 – Fax: 030 3531301
Website: www.csb.it – Mail: infomktg@csb.it
Pad. 8 – stand H 10



  Commodity Sectors


105.00 – services for the company
106.00 – services for the production
  Company Profile  Since 1980 CSB Software & Solutions Srl is a reliable land-mark for small/medium enterprises in distribution of ERP. Our solutions manage accounting and manufacturing processes allowing a real costs control. CSB is Sistemi Spa certified partner with a wide range of experience in several market areas particularly in manufacturing. CSB offers SOLUTIONS and not only products. CSB:the best 4.0 solutions!
  Products and/or Service dealed   ESOLVER: the whole software business application for small/medium trading and manufacturing enterprises. SPRING software business application for small enterprises; PROFIS: the whole software business application for business counsultants; Job: software business application for pay-office and human resources managment; PROMETEO: specific software application for manufacturing machines maintenance managment; ARXIVAR: the most performing and advanced document managment application.
  Exhibited Products PROMETEO: Specific software application for manufacturing machines maintenance. PROMETEO manages scheduled maintenance plans reducing stop machines. Maintenance operations are tracked and storaged. All information can be consulted, analysed and showed in reports and graphics. Maintenance technicians can input data using a very friendly interface, and they can have all needed documentation available.


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