Company Title   CAD-OIL SRL
Via Europa, 10 – 24040 Lallio (BG)
Phone: 035 691076 – Fax: 035 693562
Website: www.cad-oil.com – Mail: info@cad-oil.com
Pad.  – stand 
  Commodity Sectors 29.00 – lubricating coolants
76.00 – lubrication and cooling
  Company Profile  CAD-OIL is a company specialized in the production and commercialization of lubricants, coolants, and chemicals for industrial purpose, within and beyond Italian borders. The business and the technical know-how permits to offer the customers solutions and tailor – made products.
Besides marketing Exxon Mobil products, the company has developed a wide range of products, own-branded ATLANTA: this allows the customers to recognize CAD-OIL as a reliable partner able to provide optimal solutions in technical terms and economic benefits.
  Products and/or Service dealed  
– Coolants, neat cutting oils, drawing fluids, lubricants and cleaners for the industrial field, in particular:
– Coolants for cutting and grinding operations;
– Neat cutting oils for chip removal, broaching, lapping, deep drilling, tapping, and threading.
– Cold forming fluids for deep drawing, extrusion, shearing and rolling;
– Hydraulic fluids, slide oils, gear oils, compressor oils, diathermic oils, white oils, quenching oils;
– Rust preventive fluids;
– Cleaners
The range includes also a series of bioproducts, suitable for the hygienic and environmental needs of the workers.
Our products are checked with a post-sales chemical analysis service


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