Company Title    BENIMMOBILI IMPRESA SRL      

Via Malta, 7 – 25124 Brescia (BS)
Phone: 030 2428400 – Fax: 030 2478621
Website: www.benimmobili.eu – Mail: impresa@benimmobili.eu                                                  

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  Commodity Sectors   105.00 – services for the company
  Company Profile   BENIMMOBILI IMPRESA, as a Real Estate Brokerage Firm, boasts a team of highly specialized consultants in the Real Estate Business Area (warehouses, laboratories, offices, shops and commercial spaces, industrial areas as well as income properties and real estate investments) in the entire province of Brescia.
  Products and/or Service dealed  Acquisition and management of the sale and the rental of industrial / handicraft / commercial buildings, such as: warehouses and funds, shops and commercial premises, laboratories, executive offices, industrial land. In addition, development of Real Estate Operations and Real Estate Investments.
  Exhibited Products   Specialized consultancy for the “Business Buindingss” sector, both for the sale and for the lease. Expert consultancy for the management of Real Estate Development Operations and for the purchase of Income Properties suitable for Investment.