PARTNER n. 1o/15   Pad. 8
“La Fabbrica in Fiera”
Via Castagnotta, 8 – 25075 Nave (BS)
Phone: 0308925563 – Fax: 030 8924973
Website: www.autind.com – Mail: autind@autind.com
  Commodity Sectors 06.00 – industrial robots
32.00 – machines for forging
38.00 – machines for cutting and punching
44.00 – presses
55.00 – brass
61.00 – forged parts
  Company Profile  Automazioni Industriali is leading manufacturer of robot cells with patented vision system (DRS) for machine tool tending (die casting machines, transfer/CNC-machines, assembly machines, deburring presses, grinding machines etc). In addition, it manufactures complete deburring machines, trimming presses, and electric presses (Forge Tronic) for the hot forging of brass components without burrs.
Products and/or Service dealed   Robotic systems for machine tool tending with very short cycle times and set-up times. Design and manufacturing of presses for the hot forging of brass components without burrs (ForgeTronic), fully electric, controlled by CNC, equipped with anthropomorphic robot and specific Cad-Cam software; automated deburring presses and high production automatic trimming lines, complete with anthropomorphic robot and patented vision system (DRS – DRIVE ROBOT SYSTEM)
Exhibited Products

Machine tool tending with anthropomorphic robots and vision system
1.Unloading of trimming press with dual gripper robot
2.Deposit in X-ray machine for quality control
3.Pick and place of pieces with robot on conveyor belts and transport to the machine tool for machining
4.Loading and unloading of machine tool by a robot equipped with vision system
5.Unloading of machined piece in the washing machine
6.Unloading of washing machine and random deposit of pieces of machine for 3D optical control

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