Company Title   AGOMIR SPA
Corso Promessi Sposi, 72 – 23900 Lecco (LC)
Phone: 0341 259411 – Fax: 0341 250340
Website: www.agomir.com – Mail: umc@agomir.com
Pad. 8 – stand G 12/ H 11-13



  Commodity Sectors


04.00 – computers and peripherals
08.00 – software for manufacturing
50.00 – software for machine tools
67.00 – quality control, software
105.00 – services for the company
106.00 – services for the production
  Company Profile  Agomir S.p.A. is the company that deals with the production of software and digital infrastructures within the Lecco group G.R. Informatics, active in the ICT world since 1981. Agomir has always put its continuous innovation at the center of its activities, promoting the role that information technology can play in supporting business progress.
  Products and/or Service dealed   The strong managerial competence is a capacity that derives from having gained almost forty years of experience in the field, based on the analysis and development of current and future needs of customers. Not only software, but also a certified competence in the design, installation and maintenance of hardware systems, simple or complex, to provide companies with a complete service, targeted to their real needs.
  Exhibited Products

InteGRa is a web management solution, which can also be used in the cloud, as well as smartphones and tablets, to cover the procedures related to active cycle, cycle-drive, warehouse, general accounting, analytical accounting and document management. In particular, the InteGRa.MTO module allows to manage the production on order with data analysis through BI.

InteGRa.Asset is the web software dedicated to the management of the maintenance of production facilities. With InteGRa.Asset, the company can effectively manage maintenance activities on production lines and all ancillary equipment (machines, buildings, tools, etc.) and share operating flows with internal and external users.

InteGRa.BI is a simple and intuitive solution for the analysis of business performance, which transforms company data into information organized to help end users (Management, Management Control, Commercial, Purchasing, Marketing, Production, Human Resources, etc.) to make the right decisions at the most appropriate time. AgomirBI is based on the powerful features offered by Microsoft Power BI, the latest generation of Business Intelligence solution oriented to the immediate display of constantly updated information, integrating data from the various company sources with reporting and self-service analysis functions.




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