Company Title    ADGENERA SRL
C.so Unione Sovietica, 612/3/d – 10135 Torino (TO)
Phone: 011 19920012 – Fax: 011 0704597
Website: www.adgenera.com – Mail: industry@adgenera.com
Pad  – stand 
  Commodity Sectors   401.02 – strategic and technological consultancy
403.01 – training: for the 4.0 approach
404.02 – advanced automation
408.01 – digital integration of production processes
409.06 – adaptation of machines and systems to 4.0
409.09 – machine and plant interconnections
  Company Profile   Adgenera is a dynamic company, open to the challenges of technological innovation. We provide the Customer with excellent know-how and skills: customized electronic design, SW development, “smart” apps, automation and cloud.
It has a lean organization that mixes rigorous project management with flexibility, to provide competitive quick solutions.
  Products and/or Service dealed   Outsourcing of R&D and design processes to outsource part or all the development of a new project.
Technological consultancy and PM, to have access to technological and multidisciplinary skills.
Development and production of innovative solutions, from market studies and applied technological research to the production.
Automotive specialist consulting, advanced management of electronics in the motor industry, prototyping, measurement and control, fleet management and predictive maintenance.
  Exhibited Products   Micro-electronics
Cusom Hardware
Solutions for Industry 4.0
IoT Applications
Programmable Electronics
Wearable electronic systems
“Low-Power” Applications
Customized technological systems

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