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Via Carriera, 48 – 41126 Modena Italy
Phone: +39 059 469608 – Fax: +39 059 468039
Sito web: www.laroy.it / www.mecotek.it – Mail: comm@laroy.itcomm@mecotek.it
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  Commodity Sectors


112.00 – drawing dies

116.00 – molds for progressive blanking

121.00 – mechanical works for third parties

122.00 – non‐chip‐forming machining

125.00 – carpentry working

129.00 – welding and cutting

  Company Profile The company operates in the sector of cold forming of semi-finished and finished products made of sheet (iron, stainless steel, aluminum), making use of mechanical presses up to 800 tons and oleodynamic presses up to 1200 tons automatically from coils or transfer, laser cutting, bending machines and orbital robot for TIG and CMT welding.
At present, 30 people work for the company.
  Exhibited Products Kitchen counters and ovens for domestic cooking, bodies for lawn mowers and related accessoires, carters for boilers for heating, gas and gas oil burners of small/medium/big size, particulars for gas cylinders for civil use, automotive particulars of small and big size, semi-finished products for electronics, molds, masks, control templates and handling packagings. Industrialization of products submitted by customers with the related process analysis.


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