The companies that want to have greater visibility within BIE 2019 can count on different sponsoring opportunities:

  • Sponsoring of FIERA  BIE
  • Sponsoring of the event THE WORKING FACTORY
  • Sponsoring of the event FOREIGN BUYERS INCOMING
  • Sponsoring of the robotics Competition IIR – INNOVATION INSPIRES ROBOTS

The publication on the website of BIE of both the company logo and of the page related to a Sponsor is assured from the date of sponsoring starting to 30th November 2019.

se si intende sponsorizzare la fiera, oppure in apposito box all’interno della pagina del sito riservata all’iniziativa che  si è deciso di sponsorizzare.

The company logos of the “Sponsors of Fiera BIE” will be visible in the related box in the homepage of www.fierabie.com, while the company logos of the Sponsors of the single events will be visible in the related box in the page concerning the sponsored event.

Sponsor Opportunities: Sponsoring of FIERA BIE & Sponsoring of THE WORKING FACTORY.

For more details concerning the Sponsor Opportunities for both the event FOREIGN BUYERS INCOMING and the Competition IIR – INNOVATION INSPIRES ROBOTS, please send an e-mail to segreteria@fierabie.com.