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  Commodity Sectors 86.00 – various disposal devices

105.00 – services for the company

  Company Profile
OSCAR TERM Group s.r.l. is a company specialized in civil and industrial plumbing, conditioning plants, technological heating systems both in industrial field and in civil field, LPG and methane systems with certification issue, installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic panels.

  • The Roofing Division ( deals with the disposal and the decontamination of roofing containing amianthus (asbestos), the clearance of heat vents and the roofing of residential and industrial buildings.
  • The Green Energy Division deals with the development of plants for the production of thermal and electric energy through renewable sources such as the sun.
  • The Plant Division deals with everything concerning building energy-upgrading.


The company boasts of highly professional workers and pays scientific attention to new plant technologies, new materials and national and European regulations with regards to energy saving.

  Exhibited Products