Here are the interviews concerning BIE 2015 given by:

  • Giuliano Baglioni, Automazioni Industriali
  • Italo Giacomini, Chairman of Gruppo Italtelo S.p.A. – G-Events
  • Angelo Baronchelli, Chairman of the sector Mechanics of AIB – Associazione Industriale Bresciana (Industrial Association of Brescia)
  • Angelo Ferrari, City councilman of the Municipality of Montichiari
  • Domenica Toninandel, Marketing Manager of Forgiatura Mamé
  • Marco Rusconi, CEO of Tecnomac System ( Mazak)
  • Marco Viola, Technician of Packma Trading
  • Valerio Pappalardo, Linea Tecnica Srl
  • Guglielmo Ghidini, Cram Autotrasporti

Watch the video.

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